Postdoctoral Research Associate


The Hart Laboratory at the Department of Cell Biology & Neuroscience, Rutgers University, is seeking qualified individuals with experience in neuroscience, addiction, cell biology, genetics/genomics and/or bioinformatics for an NIH-funded study of alcohol use disorder (AUD) risk-associated genetic variants using human iPSC-derived neurons.  Training in bioinformatics will be provided if required.

Our focus is to prepare cultures of neurons made from subjects with known genetic variants affecting AUD risk.  Cultures are harvested for single-cell RNAseq and/or single-nuclear ATACseq to identify gene expression or chromatin patterns associated with risk groups.  This project is a component of the multi-institutional Collaborative Studies on the Genetics of Alcoholism (COGA). 

Applicants must possess an advanced degree (Ph.D.) in a relevant field with less than 5 years of postdoc experience.  The preferred candidate will have demonstrated experience in addiction or neuroscience and have interest in developing skills in bioinformatics, which may require instruction and/or formal courses.  The candidate will utilize the Rutgers High-Performance Computing Cluster, R/Bioconductor, Linux shell scripting, and Python. The candidate must have the ability to work with a large, collaborative team of researchers and therefore possess good communication and interpersonal skills.

For more information about the laboratory and environment:

To inquire, please send the following files to : Curriculum vitae (including publication list and any fellowships or awards), a brief statement of previous research work and career plans, and contact information for three references.

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